Tunisia Talks Games

 Tunisia Talks Games is a talk show that took place at ISAMM in 2017, organised by IGA, ISAMM Events and Netinfo. The topic of the conference was the problem of the games industry in Tunisia and its role on the economy.

The event was attended by the Secretary General of the European Games Developer Federation, Dr. Malte Behrmann who was impressed by our group of young developers who “think outside the box”, Samia Chelbi, Chief Innovation Officer at Netinfo, Mohamed Ali Chelbi, Game Developer and Co-Founder at Gamepad Tribe, Pr. Oualid Khayati, Houssem Zouaghi, Walid Alouani, Game Developer at Nuked Cockroach.

The games industry is somewhat deserted in Tunisia, and is largely incomprehensible by society, especially since many developed countries are now investing in this area and make a lot of money, such as Japan, China, Germany, USA and others, so why not do the same plan in Tunisia.