Global game jam 2019 ISAMM

Global game jam 2019 ISAMM

Just after the end of the exams, many students around the Manouba campus and from far away were ready to vent away their stress in this year’s edition of Global Game Jam. The Indie Games Association staff, partnered with various clubs from campus, made this event possible with a some hardships especially through this unusually harsh cold. Nonetheless, it was a pleasant experience for the participants and the staff, with a lot of young participants full of potential and with some great and innovative projects in hand. During the first day, just before the theme announcement, there ware some talks with some professional tunisian game developpers such as “Mohamed Nabli Ge├»ter” (a.k.a Spoot) Co-Founder of “Retro Gaming Tunisie” , “Seif Eddine Ben Hamouda” CEO and Founder at “NewGen Studios” ,”Brahim Jomni” CTO at “Instead Studios”,”Houcem Maiza” Managing Director at “Galactech” and a foreword by the ISAMM Director “Sami Faiz”. After the theme’s announcement, each team placed themselves and started brainstorming, but it didn’t end there. They had some refreshement and snacks in hand thanks to the sponsors and were helped by the coaches provided by the association throughout the jam. Along with that, to lighten the working mood, there were various entertainment mini event scattered during the three days among them were some heated Karaoke sessions, music sessions and even comfortable movie screenings. Despite all that, almost all teams came out with astounding projects and it makes us hope more for Tunisia’s future in gaming.

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